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Efficient Modern Means to Transfer Expertise

Efficient Modern Means to Transfer Expertise

E-learning is an obvious method to cut down training costs, since it reduces travelling expenses. Moreover, once a course has been planned and prepared, it can be taught multiple times. A less obvious benefit is that new media makes learning a great deal easier, as it offers illustrative, impressive, memorable contents.

Koivuniemi wants to provide you with the best training imaginable, unfettered by technical or expressive limits. We want to make learning easy and efficient, and with our training, communication and IT services all under one roof, we can offer you the cream of the crop.

We deliver with high quality

  • Course planning for eLearning and face-to-face training
  • Training contents for various purposes, both traditional and electronic methods (including SCORM compatible content)
  • Video and multiple media productions for implementing brand and operational values in internal and stakeholder training

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Case: Videos for customer service training

A large Finnish customer service organization wanted to carry out its next training project more cost-effectively than before and utilize the opportunities of web-based training. Koivuniemi produced a series of training videos with professional actors showing typical challenging situations in customer service. The scripts were written together with the client, and the videos were filmed in authentic locations. Koivuniemi also provided support for the technical arrangements so that the distribution and viewing of the videos did not overload the network during working hours.

Case: Training materials for doctors and nurses

An international pharmaceutical company wanted to produce a series of training videos for the doctors and other medical professionals in one of its areas of therapy. They chose Koivuniemi as their partner, as Koivuniemi had already proved its mettle at producing high-quality programs with both factual and dramatized content for the industry. In the impressive videos, actors bring to life the behaviour and feelings of the patients and their relations at various stages of the disease. The videos have been widely acclaimed and they have helped the trainees both in providing services to their clients and in gaining deeper insight into the treatment process.

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