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New Generation Service Production on the Web

New Generation Service Production on the Web

For traditional products and services, processes like design and after-sales marketing could be managed separately. However, in web-based services these, together with the service contents, are integral parts of the entire user experience that needs to be developed and managed as a whole.

In many industries, investments in web services are still very small or practically non-existent. However, many have already realized that they are competing on a global market, where the winners are the companies that appeal to customers most effectively, provide them with the most profitable services and gain their commitment. Knowledge management, demanding media contents and user communities come into focus.

By utilizing the opportunities provided by the web and the users' existing technology with unprejudiced, careful planning, you can offer globally competitive shopping, service and communication experiences to hundreds of thousands of customers both in Finland and abroad.

We deliver with high quality

  • Roadmaps for developing web services
  • Totally new concepts for shopping, serving customers and building communities in the web
  • Application development, 3D design and media productions required for smooth service processes and unique concepts

Case: Ground-breaking usability in online forms

A financial company turned to Koivuniemi for help in defining and building its online service concept. The collaboration resulted in a visionary roadmap for developing the online services over several years as well as an online service system used and praised by thousands of businesses. For example, the essentially complex online forms for making company financing applications have been applauded for their usability both by the users and the customer service representatives.

Case: Online presentation of premises: show and tell

A provider of event and fair services wanted to create a concept to showcase its exhibition and convention premises, including a coordinated presentation tour for the general public. Koivuniemi built an integrated concept that includes an online presentation of the premises, information signs, screens and furniture at the locale itself. The concept helps visitors to navigate the rooms, serves the exhibitors and provides electronic sales materials for promoting the extensive variety of services offered. The web presentation, done with an advanced multimedia interface and easily updateable by the customer, has drawn much attention and received special praise.

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