Brand Development and Profiling Genuinely Integrated

Brand Development and Profiling Genuinely Integrated

Your revenues can rocket as a result of an improved company image and higher market visibility. A solid brand supports pricing and facilitates selling, making your organization less vulnerable to changes in the overall economy. The value of a great brand can be many times higher than your revenue.

In terms of hard currency, how valuable would an improved brand be to you?

Branding has the potential to increase profit beyond bounds, and we aim to help you reach that potential. The first steps of brand management are taken at the level of corporate strategy. The organization, as a whole, works towards sending a unified message in all contacts with its interested parties.

Committed to your branding process, we can boost your company image by offering a unique combination of:

  • Strategy work support

  • Coaching

  • Expertise in marketing and media communications.

Any obstacles in brand development, whether inside or outside the organization, can be overcome with the variety of methods provided.

  • Brand surveys with precise focus or wide scope
  • Brand clarification and profiling
  • Brand implementation in the organization and with stakeholders
  • Multichannel brand and image campaigns
  • Efficient solutions for sponsorship leverage.

Case: Brand building in media

One of the world's most valued brands in the traffic and transportation industry sought Koivuniemi's help. They wanted to make the brand genuinely appealing to Finnish adults of varying ages. We built multichannel campaigns, sponsorships, interactivity and a combination of both commercial and edited contents which made the brand relevant and meaningful to Finns in an unprecedented way. The campaign was so powerful that when another company carried out a significant campaign on a similar theme, the general public thought that the campaign was our customer's.

Case: Visual identity for a mid-size company

A company providing testing services for manufacturing industry was building its international operations but had paid very little attention to its visual identity. By the recommendation of its large customer, the company turned to Koivuniemi. We analyzed the business and designed a logo, company graphics and unified look for web pages, brochures and exhibition booth. The result was an impressive, harmonious and internationally appealing image fulfilling all the requirements of their business.

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