Cost-efficient visibility in Consumer Markets

Cost-efficient visibility in Consumer Markets

How can you stand out in the market without being drained of resources? Let us look at today's unstable economy and ever-changing media as open doors into the spotlights.

Up-to-date information and proven methods at hand, together we can work toward your goals. Reasonable investments can lead to optimal results.

We deliver with high quality

  • Targeted consumer surveys
  • Marketing strategy work and planning
  • High-coverage visibility of products on the web
  • Complete multichannel campaign concepts
  • Suoramarkkinointikampanjat ja -välineet
  • Direct marketing campaigns and tools
  • Product videos, TV and radio ads
  • All-inclusive event packages

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Case: Launching a consumer product

A company operating on the consumer market was disappointed with its former radio marketing campaigns produced with a different partner. The media costs were reasonable and the target group exactly right, but the campaign did not increase sales. Koivuniemi convinced the customer that success was possible and then scripted and produced a new radio campaign, which made the company's product an instant sales success. This is just one of many similar cases, where the customers have seen their marketing results skyrocket when they put the planning and production of marketing into the hands of those who know both the business and the target audience well.

Case: Marketing top quality in tourism

One of Finland's largest travel agents wanted to communicate to travellers that service, security and tailored yet genuine experiences are within everybody's reach and also worth paying for. Koivuniemi created a media solution that was exactly targeted for the growing segments. As the result, our customer gained a significant market share of the most profitable tourism segment. Cooperation with Koivuniemi also led to the creation of successful special tours, in which Finnish top artists and culture experts guided Finns in special, often totally unique experiences.

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