Corporate Responsibility and Crisis Communication - Invest in Future Success

Corporate Responsibility and Crisis Communication - Invest in Future Success

Various stakeholders, the media and citizens show a growing interest in the corporate responsibility of companies and organizations. The benefits of long-term CSR communications are valuable: a good reputation increases sales and fortifies your company in case of a crisis. Any organization, whatever its size, can benefit from CSR communications in which genuine operational values and realistic risks and issues have been taken into account.

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We deliver with high quality for example

  • Strategy work and planning for CSR communications
  • PR communication solutions, media contents and programmes
  • International CRS communications via Internet
  • Support materials for events.

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Case: International CRS communications via Internet

A paper industry company facing international criticism about its sizeable investment program received support from Koivuniemi's expertise. The sharpest criticism was directed at suspected environmental impacts and the possible effects on local social circumstances. The communication strategy, drawn and implemented in cooperation with Koivuniemi, focused on responding effectively to the needs of the customers, investors, international media and the stakeholders in the countries involved with high-quality, illustrative factual contents published on the Internet. These also had a positive influence on public perceptions. The purposeful work succeeded in blunting the criticism and the investment project, a manufacturing unit, could start production within schedule.

Case: Environmental communications in Finland

An important energy operator wanted to reinforce its corporate responsibility image and launch a new consumer product that decreases the carbon footprint of Finns. Over several years, the company collaborated with Koivuniemi and reached almost three million Finns, getting superb results. The existing cooperation concept also helped the company to respond to public criticism that arose at one point. According to surveys done afterwards, most Finns thought that the product had high quality and that the company was at the vanguard of development in a very challenging area, taking good care of environmental issues and its corporate social responsibility.

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