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Internal Communications and Putting Strategy into Practice

Internal Communications and Putting Strategy into Practice

A strategy-driven approach stands in sharp contrast to repetition of old routines. Yet, it is easy to fall into a rut. On all corporate levels, the priorities and use of resources in daily work can sometimes miss the core goals. Internal communication is in the forefront of putting strategy into practice, and that's why it requires deep insight into the essential goals and priorities. Our coaching services give you tools for strategy-driven thinking and planning of operations. In all our co-operation, we are committed to putting your strategy into action.

We deliver with high quality

  • Refining the internal communication processes and communication planning
  • Strategy and communications integrated into training
  • CSR and HSEQ communication plans, internal campaigns and implementation programs
  • Video and multiple media content for intranets and internal media.

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Case: Profits with quick strategy implementation

The wood manufacturing group of an international forestry corporation renewed its strategy and switched to a matrix organization. Implementation of the new organization and operational models was supported by several means: Koivuniemi redesigned the company intranet, organized internal communications and arranged impressive launch materials and events. The new intranet also included a multiple media channel on its front page. This was used for putting the new strategy into practice and communicating the messages that support the new, more unified corporate identity to all levels of the organization. The project as a whole motivated the employees at all levels and facilitated the implementation of the challenging change.

Case: Change management portal

An international metal manufacturing group wanted to promote its "One Company" program among the employees of its subsidiaries by unifying the management processes within the group. Koivuniemi provided both a training package and a related training portal in which the training materials were published. The portal also included plenty of contents that presented the change and provided the supporting arguments for it, beginning with a message from top management. The web environment, customized to fit the group's visual guidelines and available at all times at all time zones, also helped the managers to keep track of how the training and change message got through to the middle management.

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