Publishing House Koivuniemi

Publishing House Koivuniemi

Publishing House Koivuniemi is a business consulting and development company based in Finland. We offer extensive services for developing business and operational strategy, productivity, communications and the utilization of modern information technology to companies in various industries and the public sector.

Our services are characterized by quality, creativity and reliability. We aim at continuous co-operation with our customers, providing a wide palette of services in cost-efficient integrated solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our strengths, based on our extensive variety of expertise, include the integrated utilization of methods and solutions from different fields. As our customer, you can have all the business development, communications and information technology design and implementation services easily through one partner.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all your development needs.

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Consulting, Development and Training
Marketing and Corporate Communications
IT Services, Systems Integrations and EDI

Publishing House Koivuniemi
P.O. Box 72, FI-02771 Espoo

Business Services: Tel. +358 9 888 2800
Consumer Products: Tel. +358 9 4114 5207
Email addresses:

Mr. Tuomas Hölsä
Business Consulting & Training, Change Management
Mobile +358 40 964 4202

Mr. Juha Korhonen
Integrated Solutions, Media
Mobile +358 50 528 0965

Mr. Petri Petäjäniemi
Concepts, Communication, Media
Mobile +358 50 910 9898

Mr. Ali Albayrak
Business Solutions, Consulting, Development
Mobile +358 40 511 6160