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Our Portal Solutions

Our Portal Solutions

The web-based services of the future are expected to be efficient and well-focused in their communication, to provide smooth and easy online shopping and transactions, and to have creative community processes that encourage user participation. They are also expected to form complete, user-friendly service concepts that take full advantage of the various media and channels available for web use.

Cost-efficient and quick development can be attained with off-the-shelf portal platforms, good value chain integration and purposeful and careful groundwork that pays attention to the needs and characteristics of the target groups and utilizes all the media, technologies and service products of the web to the maximum.

We deliver with high quality

  • Services that cover the entire life cycle of portal development, from analyses and preliminary definitions to hosting
  • Modern portals for various business and government purposes
  • Customer and extranet portals for specific target groups
  • Intranet portals and virtual desktops.
  • Customized applications

Case: Real estate portal

A real estate management company revised its operational strategy, which included providing new online service interfaces for its customers, the housing companies. The selected platform for providing services to tens of thousands of residents and share owners was based on the Koivuniemi open standard portal platform, and integrations with estate management and document management systems were built into it. This solution provided a user-friendly service, which was also straightforward and inexpensive to construct.

Case: Quality management portal for an airline

An internationally operating airline wanted to develop the way they manage and communicate with their interested parties and collect quality information throughout their entire operating area. Koivuniemi was asked to deliver a portal directed at the air crews, ground operation partners and technical services. The portal is used for distributing quality manuals and monitoring their use as well as collecting exception reports via electronic forms, so that the data goes directly into the quality management system. The solution makes quality follow-up and regulatory reporting significantly more straightforward and efficient at all the hours and locations.

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