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Apple for the teacher

Welcome to the Koivuniemi eLearning environment, where you can eat your apple and have it, too - a virtual apple is always ready for use!

Learning generates success, and success produces results. In the eLearning environment, the HR of the company acts as the principal and monitors how the targets are being met, accompanied by the Koivuniemi experts every step of the way. You will benefit from top expertise in training, communication and sales as well as from the efficient and productive training platform. You can integrate multimedia and animations and take advantage of the impressive
opportunities made possible - and even inexpensive - by network technology.

Koivuniemi, a trustworthy and versatile partner, will offer you the entire process from strategy to result assessment, ready for your service.

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Graduating with honours

Many opportunities are available for you. Whether you wish to introduce a new concept or an organizational change or to communicate priceless "silent knowledge" to the experts of the future, the Koivuniemi virtual solutions are up to the task. Through utilizing multiple learning methods and paying attention to individual needs it is possible to get results that you'll see in the bottom line. Success is gained with the help of the eLearning solution designed for the company's needs as well as with well-executed change management. The Koivuniemi experts will help you to put the changes into practice.

Co-operation, communication, action!

An interactive organization culture makes operations more efficient and creates an atmosphere of success, thus providing excellent working conditions. This is the key to having a constantly developing, learning and proficient organization that tops its competitors and overcomes the challenges. Is your company ready for more growth and joy? The Koivuniemi virtual teacher is at your service!

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