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Mobile Solutions: Any Time, Anywhere

Mobile Solutions: Any Time, Anywhere

The modern and yet now so ordinary mobile phones are everywhere, and they have ever increasing web and data processing capabilities that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Practically everyone has one in the pocket, so why not take advantage of all the practical opportunities it provides.

Mobile communication solutions carry your marketing messages as well as your organisation's internal information efficiently even to the people who are not currently sitting in front of their home or office computers.

You can reap significant benefits by integrating the processes of field employees with no PCs into your company's ERP system using a mobile solution.

We deliver with high quality

  • World class expertise on planning mobile solution strategies
  • Mobile media, public portals as well as mobile intranets for more effective communication
  • Cost-efficient mobile integrations for integrating field processes with the operative systems.

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Case: Mobile management for field employees' operations

An international company supplying shop-in-shop solutions for grocery retailers was looking for a solution to be used in its new market area for more efficient and better controlled shelf restocking. Koivuniemi provided them with a solution installed in reliable, inexpensive standard mobile phones and integrated with their background systems. The field employees get the correct shelf order arrangements from the background systems to their mobile terminals and also use the mobiles to send their orders and report their observations at the shop to the background systems. This solution enabled the company to give up paper forms altogether, giving them a significantly more efficient process where up-to-date information flows both ways without delays.

Case: Mobile information transfer of prehospital care

A Finnish healthcare district wanted to have patient information transferred in electronic format from the emergency vehicle unit giving prehospital care to the on-call hospital unit. Using its online service concept as the basis, Koivuniemi provided a secure and reliable solution suitable for mobile use. In the solution, the continuously updated information of the prehospital care is forwarded from the emergency vehicle to the hospital in real time. The solution has been praised by the users and the owners of the care process.

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