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IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

When utilising the possibilities of IT successfully, you need to focus and scale your development actions right and manage the change process well. The right focus requires an insight into the business strategy and logic as well as a wide knowledge of the possibilities that IT offers. Optimum scaling for the actions can only be achieved with the help of essential know-how and experience. Good change management requires understanding how the organisation and the individuals in it operate, but project management expertise is also needed. We have all these skills and insights in one house.

We deliver with high quality

  • Vision and roadmap workshops
  • Analyses and preliminary definitions
  • Strategy coaching for IT and other support function organisations
  • Change management and user commitment support in large system roll-outs.
  • IT strategy roadmaps for high IT ROI

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Case: Cooperation between IT and customer departments

A multinational forestry corporation carried out an extensive system project, which also included developing the cooperation between the company's various departments and the IT unit based in several countries. The cooperation had suffered from difficulties in internal customer service and inefficient project communication. The Koivuniemi consultants studied the problems carefully and formed a planning team together with HRD representatives. The team developed a workshop process for improving the cooperation between two departments. Already during the pilot development day significant improvement of mutual attitudes could be seen and, above all, several practical keys for better cooperation were discovered.

Case: Strategy work and roadmap for online services

A financial institution defined a five-year development strategy and roadmap for online services concerning all its business operations under the supervision of Koivuniemi specialists. The work included interviews with the management, workshops for the people responsible for development, project planning for the roadmap projects and inclusive documentation of the work. The resulting strategy and roadmap were approved by the management for implementation.

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