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EDI Services

EDI Services

Implementing EDI is now easier than ever. You can start using electronic orders and invoices quickly, which is appreciated by your customers and suppliers. At the same time, you can eliminate a lot of manual routine work and save costs.

With Koivuniemi as your partner, you will get everything you need in a full turnkey solution. Our advanced service technology enables us to tailor our services precisely for your systems. We also know the main operators, methods and interfaces of the field, and thus we can make the EDI effortless for you. We provide solutions that work.

We deliver with high quality

  • EDI connections for all supply chains
  • Electronic and printed invoice solutions
  • Connections for international special standards and interfaces such as RosettaNet, AS2 etc.
  • Finnish Customs connections: Koivuniemi is certified EDI operator for Finnish Customs
  • Electronic archiving of the materials.

Case: EDI and printing connections for a food supplier

A growing supplier of fish and prepared food products was looking for a more reliable and flexible partner. After careful comparisons, they chose Koivuniemi. Their existing EDI connections were transferred from the old operator to the new without delays and problems. The customer has been very satisfied with the flexibility and reliability of the service they receive. And what's more: they have also got significant savings in costs.

Case: EDI invoices from a family bakery to a retail chain

A local bakery famous for its high-quality products wanted a straightforward EDI invoicing solution for electronic invoices in the format required by a retail group. The bakery spent quite a long time trying to get the solution through another partner but with little progress, as the formatting of the materials presented difficulties. However, through Koivuniemi, they were able to launch EDI invoicing within a couple of weeks and with reasonable costs.

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