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Internal and External Integrations Easily and Inexpensively

Internal and External Integrations Easily and Inexpensively

There is a growing need for integrations between different systems, as one single system can never be optimal for all possible purposes. When integrations are designed and managed well, information moves fast and manual work decreases, and the systems get a longer lifespan.

The modern efficient value chain requires that information is transferred seamlessly and practically in real-time. If you can keep up good electronic data transfer capabilities, your entire delivery chain becomes more competitive. Moreover, you are perceived as a reliable partner, increasing the customer's commitment also in the long term.

We deliver with high quality

  • Expert services for designing integration solutions and service-oriented architectures (SOA)
  • Internal systems integrations as an effortless and cost-efficient service
  • Data transfer integrations with external partners (see also EDI Services)

Case: Complete solution for invoicing

A timber products company was seeking an electronic invoicing solution for an environment where invoices come from two old invoicing systems in printer page description language. Within a short time, Koivuniemi provided a solution that converts the invoices from the old format into the new standards and routes them to paper printing, EDI messages, e-invoices and archives.

Case: Integration for entering image materials

The photographers of a fair and event organizer take thousands of high-resolution digital photos of the events each year. These images are processed and then stored in an image bank. Koivuniemi built an integration for transferring the processed images ready for archiving from the photographers' image processing systems to the image bank located in Koivuniemi Hosting Services. During the transfer, the integration automatically records the classifications and image data on the basis of the information that was saved with the image files during processing.

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