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Productivity development solutions

Increase productivity

There's a lot of talk at the markets about raising productivity and improving competitiveness and there's a reason for that. Increasing productivity has several tangible benefits. Productivity improves competitiveness, supports growth and opens doors for renewal. Productivity can be improved in every company, always, if there's the will to do it. The methods have to be selected based on company development stage and targets. We help to raise productivity effectively and fast.

Case: More power to the organisation

A team working in forest industry sector wanted to boost productivity and asked Koivuniemi to train self and time management and the keys to personal effectiveness. Koivuniemi designed and tailored to customer corporate culture a powerful training concept enabling increased productivity.

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We deliver with high quality:

  • Analyses of customer added value
  • Development of customer relationship management and service business
  • Cost-benefit analyses, Lean evaluations and organisational productivity assessments, setting development targets and defining roadmaps
  • Productivity development projects with agreed targets and measures, consulting fees tied to reaching the targets
  • Lean management, productivity, time management and self management trainings, video trainings and eLearning
  • Cost reduction programs to raise productivity, also when an external project manager or strong support in difficult situation needed
  • Automation, virtualisation and digitalisation of processes

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