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Development programs with financing options

Financing options

There are several public financing options to plan and manage changes in the business sector. A special benefit of a development program with financing option is to pay consulting fees and other project sourcing almost entirely with e.g. Tekes financing (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). The share the company has to finance itself is in practice no money, but calculated from the time employees work in the project. This way the development work can be done faster and deeper without investing directly in the development work at all!

We deliver with high quality:

  • Consulting and advice for financing options
  • Predefinition projects for financed development programs
  • Guidance and steering of financing negotiations with public instances
  • Design and implementation of development programs with public financing
  • Support in writing finance applications

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Case: Resources for development

An industrial SME wanted to lauch new service business and made an agreement with Koivuniemi to desing a development program, apply for Tekes financing and conducting the program supported by public money. Koivuniemi helped to create the program plan and finance application. The application was accepted and the program was successfully implemented by Koivuniemi guidance and steering.

Case: Partner for a publicly financed development program

A large service company was looking for a partner to design and impelement a major development program. Koivuniemi was chosen for this demanding task based on references and competence. Koivuniemi helped then the company to desing the change program, assure the finance decision makers at Tekes, get a remarkably high support package and implementing a holistic development project in several markets.

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