Asiakkuuksien ja asiakaslisäarvon analyysit

Analyses of customer and customer value

Analyse customer value

Understanding customers is a cornerstone of optimally focused marketing and sales. It is of equal importance also in product management, service design and customer service. Current trends such as privatisation, fragmentation of target groups and vast amount of communication channels make understanding customers more demanding than ever. It's important to recognise behavioral models, value criteria and touch points in different channels and to assess the rate of change in dynamically changing operating environment. Without systematic analyses of customers and customer perceived value it's questionable to do business any more!

We deliver with high quality:

  • Customer/account programs and analyses
  • Deep customer insights in selected target groups
  • Market and competitor analyses
  • Value added pricing models and tools
  • WinLoss-analyses to improve hit-rate

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Case: Sales boost through WinLoss-analyses

An international ICT-company hired Koivuniemi to analyse their lost sales cases. Already the first analyses revealed several problems in the sales process. Leanings were studied further in analysing their performance in one major on-going sales case. The company won the deal and conclusions of the analyses helped to change and optimise the sales process and practices. A cooperation model was agreed for conducting regular WinLoss analyses. The company learned to find optimal customers for their offering and considerably increase their hit-rate.

Case: Customer insights led to growth of service business

A large industrial company started to boldly develop new service business. Services had to be correctly matched with customer needs, values and purchasing criteria and the company invited Koivuniemi to perform customer analyses. The project included web based questionnaire and telephone interviews at several markets. As a result, customer knowledge increased considerably and they were able to design optimal services based on customer value criteria, resulting in rapidly growing service business.

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